The Most Common Toyota Repairs

Some Common Repairs For Toyota Vehicles

Have you recently purchased a Toyota in Arcadia, CA? If so, congratulations on choosing a vehicle that’s well known for its reliability. Even though Toyota vehicles have a reputation for lasting a long time, they still do require Toyota repair services at times. Here are some of the most common Toyota repairs you should expect.

Power Steering Leaks

Power steering fluid leaks are a pretty common problem for Toyota owners. Sometimes, mechanics will simply replace the damaged part instead of searching for the cause of the leak. At VJ’s Auto Service, we go out of our way to identify the underlying cause of the problem, so you don’t have the same issue in the near future.

Check Engine Light

It’s not uncommon for the check engine light to come on in Toyota vehicles. Often, the light gets triggered by a faulty oxygen sensor. In other cases, it could indicate a more serious engine problem. If your check engine light ever comes on, it’s important to take your vehicle in for Toyota repair as soon as you can. Sometimes the cost of engine repairs can be minimized if you get them serviced right away.

Motor Mount Wear

The motor mount is the part of your Toyota that secures the engine to the frame of the vehicle. If you drive a Toyota with a lot of miles, you’re more likely to experience motor mount wear. If you don’t get service for the problem, you could eventually end up with a cracked engine block that requires expensive repairs or total engine replacement.

Transmission Lag

Does your transmission feel like it lags when you accelerate? This happens to be one of the more common problems with the Toyota brand. It could be happening because of a faulty computer, or you may have a worn-out transmission part. Unfortunately, transmission repairs can be expensive. The one silver lining is that you’re likely to save money if you bring your car in at the first sign of issues instead of waiting for them to get worse.

Schedule Your Toyota Repair

Despite the common problems Toyota vehicles have, they are still some of the most reliable vehicles you can buy. To schedule your Toyota repair with VJ’s Auto Service in Arcadia, CA, fill out our online form.

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