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You may not know that the Acura is the high-end luxury division of the Honda automakers. These excellent examples of Japanese engineering and manufacturing. Hondas and Acuras are some of American motorists favorite imports, mostly because of their stylish designs, engine performance, and dependability. VJ’s Auto Service in Arcadia, CA has a team of ASE Certified technicians ready to provide quality maintenance services that protect and preserve the Honda and Acura’s engine performance. The most important components are the Honda / Acura engine, and our oil change schedule will protect them.

Most drivers recognize the importance of the oil change. However, they often fail to adhere to an appropriate oil change schedule. Our qualified techs consider your Honda or Acura’s age, your driving habits, and the manufacturer’s recommendations when designing an appropriate oil maintenance schedule. Preventative maintenance services will keep you two steps ahead of any costly Honda / Acura repairs or breakdowns. Come to us on an appropriate schedule for quick and clean oil changes, timely tune-ups, filter changes, fluid services, tire services, engine diagnostics, and more.

Find Out the Truth!–Honda / Acura Diagnostics

Our team wants all Honda and Acura drivers throughout the Los Angeles County to know we’re the best! You don’t have to return to the expensive and impersonal dealers to give your vehicle the best service. We use state-of-the-art tools and equipment to make sure you always get the truth about your Honda or Acura’s condition. Before you receive an expensive and time-consuming Honda / Acura repair service, feel free to come to us for a second or third opinion. Remember that VJ’s Auto Service will always lead you in the right direction, if not bring you to your repair solution.

By coming to our facility first, our customers are always able to avoid a misdiagnosis and an unnecessary repairs. All Honda / Acura drivers can stay ahead of any costly repairs with our preventative maintenance. But even with a consistent maintenance schedule, normal road travel can lead to unexpected repair needs. We’re the shop to come to for any Honda / Acura repair needs. Bring us your Honda / Acura engine repairs, brake repairs, steering and suspension repairs, transmission services, exhaust system repairs, and much more.

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Keep your Honda and/or Acura ready for the road. Our Honda / Acura-driving customers can rest assured that their vehicles are receiving the best quality services possible. We want you to know that we’re the preferred Honda / Acura repair destination. At VJ’s Auto Service, we treat you like family, not like just another number. Our cost-effective and convenient services only complement your excellent service experience. Give us a call today at (626) 446-4900 to schedule your Honda / Acura repair appointment. You can also save time by scheduling right now using our online scheduling system.