Auto A/C Service in Arcadia, CA

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Bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop that’ll keep your vehicle driving well, while it keeps you feeling even better. There’s nothing worse for driver comfort than a malfunction A/C system. In the middle of a blistering summer heat wave, motorists still need to travel comfortably. VJ’s Auto Service in Arcadia, CA knows how beautiful the weather is year-round in Southern California. Which means, we also know how important it is to have a fully-functional A/C. Even if the winters aren’t as brutal, the goal is for you to have control of your vehicle’s climate, not vice versa.

When you find a qualified A/C specialist to service your vehicle, you should keep them on speed-dial. We encourage our customers to do just that because we don’t want them suffering one day without a functional auto A/C. You should never be caught off-guard by a change in the weather. In the Arcadia area, the temperature may never drop below freezing, but the temperatures can get pretty cool at night. You need an effective heating and A/C system to make sure you and your fellow passengers stay as comfortable as possible.

Evaporator & Condenser Repairs & Replacements

The A/C system is often misdiagnosed by inexperienced technicians. Symptoms may present themselves as A/C component problems when they’re actually caused by other system malfunctions. Come to us first for an accurate auto A/C diagnostic service. We’ll find out exactly what’s wrong with your air conditioner and perform whatever services are necessary. Your vehicle’s diagnosis might require a routine maintenance service like a refrigerant refill or an evaporator repair or replacement service. Our ASE Certified technicians save you time and money with our auto A/C services.

Weak and lukewarm air coming from the vents is a common problem with air conditioners. There could be an accumulation of mold and mildew in the evaporator core, which is never good. Let us take care of this airflow problem before extensive repairs are needed. There are a variety of possible causes for A/C performance issues, such as Freon leaks, disconnected blower hoses, failed compressors, damaged condenser, vacuum leaks, and much more. You’ll never be without your vehicle’s A/C as long as you trust the right team–VJ’s Auto Service–to provide your auto A/C services.

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Keep your vehicle’s air at the right temperature, at all times. Since you can’t control the weather, you should be able to control your A/C system. That’s what our qualified technicians are here to do for you. Trust is the most important part of the auto repair process, and we want you to trust us before, during, and after your visit to our shop. If you’re experiencing any A/C malfunctions, give us a call today at (626) 446-4900 to schedule your A/C repair or maintenance service. You can also schedule your appointment right now by using our convenient online scheduling system.