How To Maintain Your RV

3 Things You Need to Take Care of On Your RV

You can have a lot of great family adventures in your RV. But just like any other vehicle, it will start to deteriorate over time. With proper RV service, you can keep it running for years to come! Schedule an appointment with a certified technician at VJ’s Auto Service in Arcadia, California, to see if there is anything your RV could use. You’ll want to incorporate these essential services into your maintenance routine.

Replace Fuel, Air, and Other Filters

You should regularly replace the fuel, air, coolant, and hydraulic filters in your RV every so often. If you do not, then you could face damages costing over $2,000. Some of the costs account for the repairs that are necessary to fix overheating problems, but you might see increased costs in fuel usage, too! To avoid unnecessary expenses, schedule filter replacement during your next visit. Replacing filters is also something you can do on your own at a relatively low cost if you know what you’re doing!

Inspect the Brakes

If you’re not sure how to check brakes and determine whether or not they are fit for continued use, you need to have a mechanic look at your brake system regularly, too. You especially want to make sure you get them inspected before you go on a long road trip, as you wouldn’t want to find out there’s a problem once your vacation has started. Brake repair is essential for your own safety and that of anyone riding in the RV. If you neglect to repair your brakes routinely, then you could spend upwards of $2,000 getting them fixed when the damage is widespread.

Look at the Roof

Every six months, you need to examine the roof seams and seals on your RV. Water damage from rain, sleet, snow, and ice can take a severe toll on your RV’s roof. You may have to spend thousands of dollars on repairs if you fail to address any issues promptly. For RVs with rubber roofs, you should have them treated against sun damage once annually.

When anything seems off about your RV, you should not hesitate to bring it in to the professionals at VJ’s Auto Service in Arcadia. We specialize in RV repair and maintenance, and we have helped numerous RV owners in the area stay on the road for years. Schedule an appointment today, and do not forget to ask about our two-year, 24,000-mile warranty.

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