ASE-Certified Mechanics—A Must for BMW Repairs

Why Do I Need to Get My BMW Repaired By an ASE-Certified Mechanic?

For any BMW owner, taking great care of their luxury car is a top priority. Whether it’s an oil change or wheel alignment, preventative maintenance keeps your BMW driving stronger for longer.

But what happens when you need a BMW repair? Whom should you turn to?

Here at VJ’s Auto Service in Arcadia, California, we highly recommend that you always take your BMW to an ASE-certified mechanic for quality automotive repair.

But what is an ASE-certified mechanic, and why should you take your BMW to them?

Here’s everything you need to know about ASE-certified mechanics.

What Does ASE Certified Mean?

ASE stands for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. It’s a national standard for mechanical competence. ASE-certified technicians undergo rigorous training to develop a mastery of auto repair.

In addition to two years of on-the-job training, these mechanics must successfully pass an exam. Only two-thirds of test-takers will pass the test on their first try. To maintain their certification, mechanics must retake and pass the exam every five years to keep their knowledge and skills sharp.

Benefits of an ASE-Certified Technician

When you take your BMW to an ASE-certified technician, you can rest assured that you will receive the best car care imaginable. ASE-certified mechanics already have prior experience working on cars, setting a strong foundation for their future. Your BMW will never be repaired by a newbie.

Furthermore, these mechanics always use the latest techniques and technologies. Keeping up with industry advancements allows them to work on all types of vehicles, from older cars to ones that just rolled off the showroom floor.

Trust Your BMW to Our ASE-Certified Mechanics

If you need quality BMW repair, look no further than the ASE-certified technicians at VJ’s Auto Service in Arcadia, California. We’ve been delivering expert car repair solutions to our customers since 1997 and specialize in luxury brands.

Whether you need brake repair or an engine replacement, we’ve got you covered! To schedule your appointment, call us today at (626) 446-4900. We hope to hear from you soon!

Written by VJ's Auto Service

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